Thai Government
  Office of the National Economic and Social Advisory Council
  Government Information System
  Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
Department of Trade Negotiations
  Department of Employment
  Public Consultation
  Woman's Affairs and Family Development
  Thailand Knowledge Center : TKC
Customs Customs Department

Department of Business Development
DEP Department of Export Promotion ,
DFT Department of Foreign Trade (Thai Language)
DIP Department of Industrial Promotion

Department of Internal Trade
DIW Department of Industrial Works
DOE Department of Employment
DOH Department of Highways
DTN Department of Trade Negotiation (Thai Language)
EGAT Electricity Generating Authority
EPPO Energy Policy and planing Office
GPF Government Pension Fund
IEAT Industrial Estate Authority

Metropolitan Electricity Authority
MFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry Of Information and Communication Technology
MOC Ministry of Commerce
MOE Ministry of Education
MOEN Ministry of Energy
MOF Ministry of Finance
MOInt Ministry of Interior (Thai Language)
MOI Ministry of Industry
MOL Ministry of Labour
MONRE Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
MOST Ministry of Science and Technology

Ministry of Tourism and Sports
Office of Tourism Development (Thai Language)
NECTEC National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
NESDB National Economic and Social Development Board
NIA National Intelligence Agency (Thai Language)

National Science and Technology Development Agency
OIE Office of Industrial Economics
PEA Provincial Electricity Authority
Revenue Revenue Department
Royal Thai Government Royal Thai Government
SMEs Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion
SRT State Railway of Thailand
TAT Tourism Authority of Thailand ,
TISI Thai Industrial Standards Institute

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